Our Story

KCA was co-founded in 2003 by Grammy award – winning artist, Alicia Keys to provide essential support to children suffering with HIV/AIDS

Fast forward to today and we are able to widen our project focus. Working around our themes of Kids, Climate and Action, we are committed to helping children and young people all over the world reach their potential and live healthier, happier lives.


About the Campaign

The world was already in the middle of a digital transformation – but after the Covid19 pandemic it has gathered pace.

With an advanced digital world, more jobs and opportunities are created but this continuing shift is also increasing inequalities and highlighting the lack of progression for those not digitally connected – harming their future prospects. With most young people continuing to develop their digital skills outside of school or college – at home or socially in a more informal environment, those who cannot or do not have those transferable skills out of school fall behind.


KCA’s Movement

We are doing something about it! We are working with incredible partners in South Africa and beyond to reach children who haven’t been able to access these skills before and help them into a fair and connected future.

We train trainers to go into schools and other youth focussed settings and host a range of exciting and innovative workshops in things like coding, artificial intelligence and loads more. We also work with communities, local organizations and businesses to create opportunities locally to ensure there are meaningful pathways into future opportunities after the training.

It is vital for all children and young people to have these opportunities - and to stop the digital divide getting bigger. All children deserve a chance – and you could give them theirs.